Anyone who has experienced, or is aware of an incident of sexual violence is encouraged to first ensure safety, seek medical attention, contact resources and report the incident. The Office of University Equity and Compliance can provide information about safety measures, reporting options, investigation procedures, and potential pathways towards a resolution. To learn more about your options and explore reporting, visit The Office of University Equity and Compliance.

UHCS can provide a confidential assessment and treatment of physical injuries, psychological support, therapy referrals and advocacy options.  We are located at 135 Forsyth Building, 617-373-2772. We are here to help.


On-Campus Resources

Northeastern University Police Department

Office: 716 Columbus Place

Emergency Phone: 617-373-3333

Non-Emergency Phone: 617-373-2121



The Office for University Equity and Compliance

Office: Richards Hall 125

Phone: 617.373.3543





Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 1-800-841-8371



National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673



For more information about local and national resources, please visit The Office for University Equity and Compliance.