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COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Students attending or visiting Northeastern University’s U.S. campuses will be expected to be fully vaccinated with the inclusion of a booster shot, by January 18, 2022. The university message regarding proof of COVID-19 vaccination, along with instructions on how to submit can be found here.

Students may request religious and medical exemptions to the policy. Details on how to request an exemption and how to submit your proof of vaccination can be found here.   

Accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine  

Northeastern is not currently distributing the vaccine, due to changes in the Massachusetts vaccination distribution plan, but students who are living, working or studying in Massachusetts can access the vaccine through the providers listed on At our other locations, each campus is updating students on how and where to access the COVID-19 vaccine. For international students who may have limited access to the vaccine, Northeastern will assist you in getting the vaccine soon after your arrival. If you have additional questions, please email the COVID-19 vaccine inbox at  

For the most up-to-date information about masks, healthy distancing, capacity and regulations on campus, please monitor the university COVID-19 website