For your continued enrollment at Northeastern University, the Health Center must have a Health Report that includes documentation of immunity.

Please note, all incoming undergraduate students will receive a copy of the Health Report from the admissions office. Graduate students, including those at the School of Law, will receive information from their programs. Bouvé students, see the additional information on clinical clearance requirements.

The University Health Report is available to download, print, or read online.

Did you know?

As a student at NU, you must provide the Health Center with proof of immunity to certain diseases, as specified below. Documentation of immunizations and/or titres must be on letterhead or prescription slip, and signed by a physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

  • Two Measles/Rubeola immunizations** or positive antibody titre
  • Two Mumps immunization** or positive antibody titre
  • Two Rubella/German Measles immunization** or positive antibody titre
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria attenuated Pertussis (TDaP) immunization within the last 10 years
  • Hepatitis B immunization series (of three) or positive antibody titre
  • Two Varicella immunizations or positive antibody titre or documented proof of disease (with dates) from your clinician***

If you are unable to obtain documentation (from high school, previous college, or military records), all immunizations, some requiring a fee, can be administered at the Health Center.

**Immunization must have been administered in 1968 or later, on or after the first birthday — no earlier than 12 months of age, and no sooner than four weeks apart.

*** no sooner than four weeks apart