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Health Insurance

Massachusetts law requires all full-time and three-quarter-time students enrolled in a degree or certificate program, all health sciences students and all students studying here on a visa demonstrate evidence of coverage by a qualifying health plan for unanticipated medical costs. For information on the law requirements:

Always carry your insurance card along with your Northeastern University Husky ID.

Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)

Northeastern University’s Student Health Plan (NUSHP) is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

A High-Quality, Affordable Health Plan

  • Coverage anywhere: Comprehensive healthcare coverage at school, at home, while traveling, on co-op or study abroad
  • Savings: Affordable coverage, low co-payments, caps on annual out-of-pocket costs, and access to reduced dental, vision and pharmacy
  • Global protection: 24/7 emergency medical care and assistance anywhere in the world.

2018-2019 NUSHP Summary of Benefits.

Graduate and CPS student’s who waive NUSHP are eligible to request access to UHCS. Please use the UHCS Access Request Form and submit to:

Northeastern University Student Health Plan
360 Huntington Avenue, 135 FR
Boston, MA 02115-5000
Telephone: 617-373-8007
Fax: 614-373-7340

MGH Concierge Services

Concierge Medicine – Ongoing Primary Care-643-2132  |  Executive Health Services: +1-617-726-4444

The Concierge Medicine practice at Mass General provides students and families with an exceptionally high level of service from their Mass General primary care physician, including 24/7 access, preventive care, health screening, wellness, fitness and coordination of advanced care across the hospital, if needed. Because they see fewer patients every day than a traditional primary care doctor, concierge physicians have more time to dedicate to each individual. They understand your health and wellness needs and coordinate your care. Depending on the situation, this may help avoid the need for urgent care or emergency room visits. Members must carry insurance to cover their care and co-pays, and pay an annual membership fee.

Massachusetts General Hospital Specialized Services

Massachusetts General Hospital Concierge FAQ

For more information:

Massachusetts General Hospital
Concierge Medicine