A student at NU must provide the Health Center with proof of immunity to certain diseases, as specified below. Documentation of immunizations and/or titers must be on the University’s Health Report  – or a clinician’s letterhead or prescription slip, signed by a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant Alternatively, documentation may be provided by the student’s high school, previous college, or military facility, again with clinician signature.

2MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunizations)1

OR  2 Measles/Rubeola Immunizations or Positive Antibody Titer

AND  2 Mumps Immunization or Positive Antibody Titer

AND  2 Rubella/German Measles Immunization or Positive Antibody Titer


(Tdap) Immunization within the last 10 years

Hepatitis B

Immunization2 series (of three) and Positive Antibody Titer

Varicella/Chicken Pox

History of chickenpox, two doses of vaccine (given at least 4 weeks apart beginning at or after the first birthday) or positive antibody titer.


Tuberculin skin test prior to clinical rotation. If history of positive test, provide clinician documented date of test and chest x-ray results as well as any treatment.


Immunization or signed waiver Massachusetts Declination*; DPH Fact Sheet*

1Immunization must have been administered in 1968 or later, on or after the first birthday, i.e., no earlier than at 12 months of age, and no sooner than four weeks apart.Hepatitis B immunization must be administered at appropriate intervals (i.e., the second at least one month after the first — and the third at least two months after the second and four months after the first).*Massachusetts Declination (Meningitis Waiver) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Fact Sheet.

Insurance Coverage

If a student is unable to obtain documentation all immunizations can be administered at UHCS, for a fee. This fee can be paid for by credit, debit, or Husky Dollars at UHCS. NO CASH can be taken. The Cashier’s office in Richard’s Hall can accept checks and credit card payments in advance. If you choose to pay at the Cashier’s Office prior to coming to UHCS, please bring the receipt with you to UHCS as proof of payment. Our 2018-2019 Charges for Shots and Immunizations.

Most insurance does not cover these immunizations. Some insurance may cover immunizations as part of a physical exam. Students should review their own insurance benefits and if coverage is available seek a participating provider. Lists of participating providers are available on most insurance companies’ websites. UHCS is not a participating provider with any insurance programs and does not bill insurance.

UHCS Notifications to Students

UHCS emails students after their Health Reports have been received by UHCS and processed. New students are sent an email stating that their Health Report is complete or that something is missing. Students who have not provided complete information will receive a second email during the term indicating what information is missing and informing them that they will not have access to registration. Students who are still not in compliance are sent another email indicating that the Health Center hold is on their account and detailing what information must be provided to UHCS.

Health Center Holds:

•  A student will have a Health Center hold if the student has failed to provide complete documentation of       immunizations in accordance with Massachusetts state law.

•  Deadlines for providing this information are as follows: the end of June for undergraduate students entering in the following fall; the beginning of December for undergraduate students entering in the following spring; one month prior to the beginning of a graduate or law student’s program.

•  Health Center holds will prevent students from registering for an upcoming term. The Health Center hold also will prevent a student’s ability to complete “I Am Here.”

•  For questions about holds due to state mandated immunity requirements, please call (617) 373-2772, option #3 or email UHCS at our general email, UHCS@northeastern.edu.