Clinical Clearance for Bouvé Health Science Students

All Bouvé students are required to have an additional clinical clearance report on file at UHCS prior to their first clinical rotation for their program. A copy of the lab report is required if an antibody titre is being submitted.

2MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunizations)1

OR  2 Measles/Rubeola Immunizations or Positive Antibody Titer

AND  2 Mumps Immunization or Positive Antibody Titer

AND  2 Rubella/German Measles Immunization or Positive Antibody Titer


(Tdap) Immunization within the last 10 years

Hepatitis B

Immunization2 series (of three) and Positive Antibody Titer

Varicella/Chicken Pox

History of disease or varicella vaccine series and Positive Antibody Titer


Tuberculin skin test prior to clinical rotation. If history of positive test, provide clinician documented date of test and chest x-ray results as well as any treatment.


Immunization or signed waiver Massachusetts Declination*; DPH Fact Sheet*

1Immunization must have been administered in 1968 or later, on or after the first birthday, i.e., no earlier than at 12 months of age, and no sooner than four weeks apart.Hepatitis B immunization must be administered at appropriate intervals (i.e., the second at least one month after the first — and the third at least two months after the second and four months after the first).*To view the Massachusetts Declination (Meningitis Waiver) and the DPH Fact Sheet please visit our Meningitis page.

Physical exam or statement of good health stating ability to participate in any activity of choice may be required by Bouvé and should be provided to your advisor.

Obtaining Clinical Clearance

If you are unable to obtain documentation (from high school, previous college, or military records), immunizations for Clinical Clearance are available during specially scheduled “clinics” throughout the year.

A fee is charged by the lab for antibody testing. There is a fee for the administration of all immunizations. This fee can be paid for by credit, debit, or Husky Dollars at UHCS. NO CASH can be taken. To pay with cash, visit the Cashier’s office in Richard’s Hall in advance. Please bring your receipt with you to UHCS as proof of payment. To review our 2017-2018 charges for shots and immunizations please visit Charges for Shots and Immunizations.

The time it will take to complete your clinical clearance will depend upon what you are missing.