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Where Feeling Better Can Begin

You’ve got a lot on your mind—and a lot to do. Find@Northeastern is here to support you with free flexible options and tools to help lift you mentally and emotionally.


Support starts with a call

Get 24/7 support at Find@Northeastern at +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.), or 855.229.8797 (Canada) or +1.781.457.7777 (International). You’ll speak with a licensed mental health counselor who will listen, offer guidance, and help you set a plan.


Unlimited free counseling sessions

On your first call with Find@Northeastern, we will help you connect with local or video counselors to schedule session times that work for you.


Video Counseling

Wherever you are, there’s someone you can trust as close as your phone, iPad, or laptop. Find@Northeastern offers licensed video counselors you can connect with for support.


SilverCloud self-guided support

SilverCloud, a digital on-demand mental health and well-being platform provides students with customized strategies to manage depression, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, resilience, and more. Learn how to set up an account below.


Personal Follow Ups

Our Find@Northeastern professional support team can help you locate local or video counseling, and act as an e-coach through SilverCloud.


Free access to Headspace

Mindfulness, meditation, sleep, focus, fitness & more. Build healthy habits and use Headspace anywhere, anytime. Create an account using your NUID.

Just Make One Call—or Visit UHCS

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Simply Call Find@Northeastern at +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.) 855.229.8797 (Canada), or +1.781.457.7777 (International).

Speak with an experienced clinician, get a referral for one-to-one counseling and access to free counseling sessions, and even schedule an appointment with a local or video counselor.

All Services Offered through Find@Northeastern are Confidential.

No information will be shared without your consent. You may review more information about confidentiality and release of medical information here.

What to Expect After Your First Call.

Click here to learn more about next steps.

I am currently living outside the United States and can’t access the international number, what can I do?

For student’s residing outside of the United States, there are a few ways to access Find@Northeastern. Students in Canada can call 855.229.8797. If international call +1.781.457.7777. If these numbers are  not accessible, you can use the below link and website to initiate contact. Please note, this is not for international students, rather this service is for students learning outside of the United States.

Website :

Website password: Northeastern

Smart Phone App: iConnectYou

App code: 212530


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Feeling The Pressure

Ever felt like it’s all just too much? You’re not alone. College students around the country are reporting the same.

American College Health Association. American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment II: Reference Group Executive Summary Spring 2019. Silver Spring, MD: American College Health Association; 2019.

Guide Yourself Toward Success

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If moments of anxiety or sadness sometimes stop you in your tracks, Find@Northeastern offers an online program to help you move past those feelings on your own and build resilience as you go.

SilverCloud, a digital on-demand mental health and well-being platform provides students with customized strategies to manage depression, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, resilience, and more.  Several sessions are available in both Spanish and English. You can choose to self-guide or work with a SilverCloud coach who will support you throughout the process.  It will help you build the tools and strategies that could improve your days – and your academic performance.

  • Go to
  • Select Northeastern University from the drop-down menu
  • Create an account using your Northeastern email address
  • You will receive a confirmation email from SilverCloud, you must respond in order to complete the log-in process
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When you’ve got something weighing on your mind, we can help. 

Call Find@Northeastern at +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.), 855.229.8797 (Canada) or +1.781.457.7777 (International).