The Behavioral Health team at UHCS focuses on assessment and intervention services for Northeastern students, using a short-term therapy model. Typically, we focus on identifying issues or major concerns, problem-solving, and we provide support to help you develop strategies to address your personal goals. Our aim is to help you cope with stressful situations that arise during your college experience so that you can function successfully during your time at Northeastern.

The length of counseling varies, and the number and frequency of sessions are determined by each student’s unique situation. Some problems can be addressed in one or two sessions, while others need a number of sessions spaced over a period of time. While there is no fixed limit to the number of sessions or length of treatment a student can have, students are usually seen between six to ten times, or for about a semester. We do not automatically see students on a weekly basis.

Some students have behavioral health issues that are better addressed through weekly sessions or long-term therapy. If you and your clinician decide this is the case, or if you simply prefer to see a clinician more frequently and for a longer period of time, we will help facilitate a referral to a community provider.