UHCS Behavioral Health is committed to giving you the best possible care. In addition to our assessment and urgent care services, we provide short-term psychotherapy and psychiatric medication assessment. We will refer you to a psychotherapist and medication provider in the local area if it is determined that you would benefit from or prefer long term, ongoing treatment. Clinicians in the community are generally able to provide long-term treatment, weekly sessions and flexible scheduling, such as evening and Saturday appointments.

Referral to a community clinician may provide a number of possible benefits. There are times when your clinician might recommend more specialized or intensive care, you may prefer to see someone off-campus or you might need or want open-ended, long-term, weekly therapy.

UHCS has developed relationships with many local clinicians who are expertly trained and experienced in treating a variety of conditions. We are also experienced in working with health insurance companies to assist you in obtaining a referral. Our referral coordinator will help you choose an appropriate clinician based on your needs, personal preferences, resources and insurance coverage.