Your appointment time is reserved especially for you. It is important for you to remember your appointments and arrive on time, in order to get the best outcome. We cannot guarantee a particular length of time for your visit if you are late.

Therapy and psychopharmacology services are most effective and helpful when treatment is as consistent as possible. Keeping scheduled appointments helps you get the most out of your care. Repeated cancellations and “no-shows” interrupt therapy and can diminish the outcome of your treatment.

We understand that there are times when situations arise that make it necessary for you to cancel your appointment. It is your responsibility to call the health center as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment. Cancellations at busy times may result in a delay in your next appointment. Calling as soon as you know you will not be able to keep your appointment also allows you to reschedule in a timely manner and reduces the risk of interrupting your treatment.

Please call us if you need to cancel, even at very short notice. No-shows leave your clinician questioning how you are doing. If you discover that you have missed an appointment please call UHCS immediately. This gives you an opportunity to provide an update about your safety and well-being.

If a clinician calls you to ask about a no-show or cancellation, please return the call. If you want to cancel an appointment and not reschedule, or you would like to end treatment for whatever reason, please speak to your clinician directly.

At times, your clinician may also have to cancel and reschedule an appointment. We will make every effort possible to notify you promptly and offer alternative appointment times as soon as possible. Always be sure you have updated your contact information in myNEU so that we may reach you if necessary.

The UHCS Behavioral Health team is committed to providing care to all students at Northeastern University who need these services. Missing a scheduled appointment without giving prior notice takes the time slot away from another student in need, who may have used that time. Please keep in mind how a no-show affects other students.