Walk-in and scheduled visits are available for any behavioral health concern.

ο   Walk in to UHCS at 135 Forsyth building during our business hours or call 617-373-2772, option #2 to schedule a phone appointment with a behavioral health clinician to discuss your needs and treatment options.

ο  During a walk-in or initial phone appointment, a Behavioral Health clinician will assess your concerns, identify and address your immediate needs, review a care and safety plan and discuss options for further assessment and treatment.


Call or come to UHCS during business hours if you have a concern that you feel should not wait for an appointment.

Urgent matters may include:

ο  Feeling upset over an unexpected setback

ο  Feeling distress or hopelessness

ο  Feeling unable to function as a student


In case of emergency:


– you are feeling at risk of harm to yourself or others and are unable to come to UHCS immediately

– you are experiencing any emergency and require immediate assistance

 Call Northeastern University Police Department emergency line at (617) 373-3333 or 911.



After Hours Support


Want to talk to someone on the phone after hours for support?

Samaritans Crisis Hotline      877-870-HOPE (4673)

Trained volunteers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide support and assistance. http://www.samaritanshope.org



Not comfortable talking on the phone?


         Provides free, 24-hour emotional support by text.

         Text 741741 when you are in crisis and need to talk. A live, trained counselor will

                                                    respond promptly and be available to provider support and assistance.



If there is an emergency that requires immediate assistance, call Northeastern University Police Department emergency line at (617) 373-3333 or 911.