All of us at UHCS are highly aware of the confidential nature of the services you receive from us. We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your health information. Only clinicians with a legitimate “need to know” have access to your record in the Health Center. Notes written by our counseling staff are in a sequestered section of the record unavailable to others in UHCS.

We will not release information about you without your express written consent except in circumstances that require our communicating with other doctors, nurses, or health care providers that may also be taking care of you. You may provide us with consent by completing a form available to you at We do release information to your insurance company according to any agreements you have signed when accepting your insurance plan. We release information as required by law as well, including, but not limited to, information requested by court order.

Your medical record is available to you for review. You may request a copy of any part of the record also upon completing the appropriate release. Your health care provider may want to review the record with you so that you understand its contents.

Please remember that it takes time to prepare a record for release. We request a two-week period to complete the process. We will make records immediately available in the event that your health would be compromised without this information.

Students: We want you to be aware that we occasionally have your peers working in the health center. These students might be in graduate Nurse Practitioner Programs, in the Physician Assistant Program, in the undergraduate School of Nursing or in other health science areas. These students will identify themselves. They have all been taught the need for strict confidentiality. They, and and we, take this obligation very seriously. It is an integral part of the work they are learning to do. If you are in any way uncomfortable with a peer participating in your care, please do not hesitate to let us know, either by telling that student you would rather they did not participate, or by letting your clinician or any other of the UHCS staff know.