Progress in Clinical Motor Control I: Neurorehabilitation

The first conference on Progress in Clinical Motor Control: Neurorehabilitation took place at Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania (July 23-25, 2018).

Dr. Gene Tunik had a presentation during the Technology and Application panel titled: Device mediated approaches to promote recovery in stroke.


Moreover, our PostDocs Mat Yarossi and Mariusz Furmanek presented lab-research during poster sessions.

Effects of early intensive hand rehabilitation on reorganization of bilateral motor
topography following stroke are dependent on corticospinal tract integrity.
Authors: Mathew Yarossi, Jigna Patel, Qinyin Qiu, Gerard Fluet, Alma Merians, Sergei
Adamovich, Eugene Tunik.

   Comparison of reach-to-grasp movement kinematics in real and virtual reality environments.
Authors: Mariusz P. Furmanek, Sofia Kirkman, Mathew Yarossi, Tarik Kelestemur, Taskin Padir, Luis F. Schettino, Sergei V.  Adamovich, Eugene Tunik

There were also our friends from Rutgers University – Jigna & Qinyin (Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences) who presented their research.

The effect of early and intensive hand focused upper limb rehabilitation on
recovery of long-term impairment.
Authors: Jigna Patel, Qinyin Qiu, Mathew Yarossi, Alma Merians, Eugene Tunik, Sergei
Adamovich, Gerard Fluet


Cristian Cuadra (on the left) and the band, during the dinner tribute to Claude Ghez

Chair: Robert Sainburg, PhD

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