Lodging – AirBNB for Work


We are happy to announce that Airbnb is now an approved lodging option for Northeastern University staff and faculty. Airbnb for Work will link your search to the best homes for business trips (free Wifi, business travel ready, etc.)  There is no additional cost to your lodging costs with this program.

Guidelines & Other Information

  • Before using Airbnb, ensure your specific Northeastern department does not have other guidelines or restrictions in place regarding the use of Airbnb either domestically or internationally
  • We recommend reserving full house or apartment listings overprivate or shared rooms
  • Total cost of an Airbnb booking should not exceed the total cost of a Northeastern preferred hotel
  • No lease contracts or signed sublet agreements on behalf of NU should be made
  • Ensure that the cancellation policies of any Airbnb booking match up with your trip plans and expectations

How to use Airbnb For Work

Ensure you are registered for the Airbnb for Work program by first going here:  www.airbnb.com/work

Sign in with your existing Airbnb account or Click on “Sign Up” if you don’t already have an Airbnb account.

Booking a Stay:

Airbnb reservations must also be booked through: www.airbnb.com/work to find properties that are optimal for business travelers.

If you have a question about the home or location, use the “Ask host a question” link in the listing before booking.

Be sure to check the “Business Trip” box on the payment page when confirming your booking

Additional Assistance

Please do not contact Procurement with Airbnb accommodations issues.

Contact your lodging host or if you prefer, contact Airbnb directly via the prioritized support phone number given with each local booking or by dialing 1-888-983-0568 or 1-415-644-5360 when international.