Egencia Travel Agency

Egencia Business Travel is an Expedia company, the largest online travel company in the world.

Egencia is Northeastern’s preferred vendor for booking online travel.  All Northeastern travel contracts are loaded into Egencia’s system. To make reservations for Air Travel, Car Rentals, and Lodging.  For training on how to use Egencia’s online travel site see the attached Quick Start Reference Guide or watch Getting Started video.

Click here to register and begin using Egencia.  Please note, when registering with Egencia please use an NU or HUSKY email as your primary email address.  After you complete the Egencia registration process your account will be approved and created.  You will then receive an email from Egencia giving you access to book travel.  Simply follow the instructions provided in the approval email.

How to Sign In

  • Go to Egencia
  • Simply click on Sign In to get the proper sign-in screen. After your initial visit, you will be taken directly to the Egencia sign in page.
  • Enter your username and password.

Travel Arranger

Egencia allows you to make travel arrangements for individuals within your department. Please fill out the Travel Arranger Form and email to Once received Procurement will update your account privileges as a travel arranger and create your traveler list. Once completed, you will book travel for travelers by selecting their name from the drop-down box on the Book Travel module on the homepage.  If you need to add or delete travelers from your list please use the Travel Arranger Form.  For help see Travel Arranger Guide.

Guest Accounts

Egencia has enhanced the online booking tool to enable travel arrangers to utilize “guest accounts” to make travel arrangements for guests visiting Northeastern. Guests are defined as visitors who are not employees and might include job candidates, speakers, athletic recruits, etc.  If you are not already a Travel Arranger and you would like to set-up a “guest account” please submit Travel Arranger/Guest Account Form.  If you are a Travel Arranger, please visit the Egencia Traveler Center for details on how to book Guest Travel.