Aon WorldAware

When traveling abroad on Northeastern University business, there are services available to you in the event of a medical or security crisis.

Aon WorldAware provides medical, security and travel advice, and emergency help, 24/7 worldwide. 

Contacting Aon worldAware is easy, simply call 312-470-3108.  The number identifies you as an Northeastern University traveler.

You must Register Your Travel!

Go to myneu “My Travel Plans”

When should you use your membership?

1) Before you leave, prepare yourself:

Access accurate, updated information at Northeastern University Police, see International Risk. View country guides and online medical and security reports. To access, company name is “Northeastern University”.

Call WorldAware center for pre-travel information (i.e. vaccination, medications and travel security concerns). Contact Khushal Safi in NUPD with security concerns pre-travel at 617-373-3212 or email:

2) While abroad, stay healthy, safe and secure. Contact us when you:

Need health, safety and security advice

Must speak with an experienced, Western-trained doctor or security specialist

Need assistance due to the loss of travel documents or legal advice.

3) In an emergency, call Aon WorldAware immediately to:

Arrange for medical transportation or care

Coordinate medical fees, when approved

Monitor your condition and provide advice

Evacuate you to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate

Provide help if your safety is at risk

Contact your family.