Samyukta Rajkumar


Samyukta Rajkumar is among the most accomplished and engaged members of Northeastern University Toronto’s small but growing population of alumni. A graduate of our Master of Science program in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices, Sam began her career as a nurse. It was during her nursing career, working on a research project that investigated the effects of sleep disturbance in family caregivers of children who depend on medical technology—that she was initially exposed to the field of regulatory affairs. Taking an interest in the field, she sought out colleagues working in that area, learning more about what they did and how they saw the field progressing over the next several years. These discussions confirmed Sam’s decision to pursue advanced training in regulatory affairs. After researching various post-secondary options in this area, she decided to pursue the Masters of Regulatory Affairs Program at Northeastern University.

Several factors persuaded Samyukta to choose our program. First, the program allows students to build knowledge and skills not just in medical device regulation, but in regulations around drugs and biologics. The second factor was the quality of the faculty. The instructors in the Regulatory Affairs program all bring with them extensive industry experience. Finally, Northeastern offers students in the Regulatory Affairs program a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including co-op positions and shorter-term ‘XN’ projects, allowing them to gain practical experience prior to heading out on the job market.

After graduating from Northeastern, Samyukta transitioned from a co-op role at a local medical device manufacturer, Synaptive Medical, into a full-time position at the same organisation. She hopes to develop her skills in regulatory affairs and would like to manage a regulatory affairs department at a medical device start-up someday. She also has a keen interest in teaching regulatory affairs at the graduate level.

We wish Samyukta the very best in all her endeavours!