Innovation, Labour, and Education photo

October 22, 2017

Innovation, Labour, and Education

If the experts have it right, it’s time that we become more deliberate and thoughtful about career planning. We are living through the early stages of a technology-induced transformation of the labour market. The changes will be fast and severe....

Where To Find Us This Week photo

October 17, 2017

Where To Find Us This Week

Interested in learning about our programs? Visit our booth at the following events this week: Wilfrid Laurier University Further Education Fair (Waterloo Campus) October 25, 2017 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm | Concourse, Paul Martin Centre and Senate &...

Meaning of Place photo

July 12, 2017

Meaning of Place

Historically, universities have been bounded by place. The physical campus was as much a representation of the core mission as was the academic curriculum. At research-intensive universities, research buildings and medical facilities project mission and focus. For religiously affiliated schools...

Beyond Design Thinking photo

May 24, 2017

Beyond Design Thinking

The Future of Creativity, Communication and Collaboration Talk about disruption. The digital age has fundamentally changed the way we connect with customers, clients and competitors. But have our tools and practices kept pace? Whether you’re a manager at a healthcare...

Renewable Energy Transformation photo

May 23, 2017

Renewable Energy Transformation

Technology, Policy and Societal Resilience  Renewable energy is a hot topic, and one that will be the focus of a summer institute hosted by Northeastern University – Toronto. This institute, entitled Renewable Energy Transformation: Technology, Policy and Societal Resilience, explores...

Managing Sustainable Global Initiatives photo

May 23, 2017

Managing Sustainable Global Initiatives

Facing twice as much work than time – Understanding the people and the process? The Managing Sustainable Global Initiatives is designed to engage professionals on multiple levels from interpersonal to professional, and from team to organizational perspectives. On the individual level,...

Employers Want Project Managers Skills! photo

April 12, 2017

Employers Want Project Managers Skills!

Have you read a job description lately? If so, you might have noticed that hiring organizations are listing “project management” as a requirement more and more often. In fact, project management is becoming a critical skill across many sectors. According...

Growing Industries with Growing Salaries! photo

February 20, 2017

Growing Industries with Growing Salaries!

Employee salaries are at a premium for cutting edge technical skills over general business training. The province of Ontario, in fact all of Canada, is a world leader in the percentage of the general population that holds undergraduate credentials. This...

Toronto and Seattle: A Thriving Network photo

February 9, 2017

Toronto and Seattle: A Thriving Network

When Northeastern University established a campus in Seattle in 2012 it was seen as an audacious move by an east coast university. Beyond the obvious issues with the institution’s name, Seattle was already home to a world-class research university and...

Cyber Security is now everyone’s business! photo

February 6, 2017

Cyber Security is now everyone’s business!

Northeastern University Toronto announces the launch of its Master’s in Information Assurance. Perhaps more than ever before, the issue of cyber security is top of mind in North America. And starting in 2017, we are offering the Master’s in Information...


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