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Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)

By empowering participants through our unique bystander approach to prevention, MVP enables communities to stand up against all forms of gender-based violence and challenges participants to understand and embrace their roles as leaders when faced with these issues.

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Don’t Hate the Player (DHP)

DHP uses the immense influence of sport to confront biases and address the institutionalization of racism and discrimination that exists in all societies.

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Forums and Workshops

In an effort to constantly respond to societal trends and the current social justice climate, we develop annual workshops and forums addressing specific topics pertinent in our local and national communities.

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Toxic Speech Prevention (TSP)

By engaging participants specific to the threat of language that encourages factional or genocidal behavior, TSP enables participants to distinguish and discuss the differences between playful, derogatory, and toxic speech in order to prevent the linguistic realities that have led to ethnic, political and religious genocides in the past.

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