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Don’t Hate the Player (DHP)

DHP uses the immense influence of sport to confront biases and address the institutionalization of racism and discrimination that exists in all societies.

Don’t Hate the Player (DHP)

Awareness, education, a shifting of infrastructure and resources, and change that encompasses both policy and programming are fundamental and necessary to true systemic and sustainable change.

Participants of DHP will work to confront their own biases to eliminate hate and violence, while creating lasting solutions and promoting the healthy progression of diversity and inclusion.

Pervasive poverty, consistent disenfranchisement based on race, gender and religion, and vast inequity in education and resources are the often overlooked roots of the violence, hate, and health issues facing communities around the globe.

If you want to be on the forefront of changing the race construct in this country and throughout the world, fill out the form below to request more information.