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MVP Leadership

By David Kay December 24, 2016

At a recent HS Game Change training, I noticed a simple but powerful innovation by one of my colleagues. During the MVP Goals section (Inspire Leadership)on Day 1, she asked, “How many of you think you’re leader?” As I remember, only about half of the room raised their hand. She responded that everyone’s hand in the room should be up because everyone is a leader. She discussed the people (siblings, friends, peers, younger kids) that look up to them and/or thatchy influence.

I believe that this is an effective facilitation strategy because it gives the facilitation team (and the student leaders) a gauge of where the room is at around leadership and potential confidence levels around “speaking up and speaking out” about gender-based violence. So often people think that you need to be special to be a leader when the reality is that everyone has the potential to positively impact others. It seems that this is a question that could be re-visited at the end of Day 3 after going into more detail about the impact that bystanders can have in preventing men’s violence against women.

Another potential place to use this “How many of you think you’re a leader question?” could be during the Leadership Exercise on Day 1.




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