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Casey Affleck and Sexual Harassment

By David Kay December 24, 2016

Sometimes I believe despite our best intentions, it can be difficult to describe the processes and impacts of sexual harassment effectively. Recently stories have come out about the ways in which Casey Affleck harassed two women who worked on his production of a mockumentary about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix’s “rap career.” I have been using the following article to describe how men’s violent and sexist behavior in a place of business can negatively impact women’s lives. I believe these women and the level of specificity as to the harassment is powerful. I have read excerpts from this article ( ) during mix gender sessions but I am considering using to during playbook single gender sessions instead. Thoughts?

Folks may also want to consider comparing how the African American Nate Parker and Casey Affleck have been treated by the media (similarities? differences? parallels and contrasts in their cases) and how this relates to white privilege and intersectionality. Investigating these cases. media coverage and society’s collective judgement may provide for a fruitful conversation for the MVP facilitators as a whole.


Here is another article that is worth a quick read:


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