Northeastern has a wide array of campuses across North America and abroad where students, faculty, and staff can all feel welcome. Each location also has countless resources available for anyone in search of spiritual, religious, or mindfulness guidance.


Location of Northeastern’s home campus and the city with the greatest density of college students in the world. The city is packed full of communities for everyone’s spiritual needs


As Northeastern’s first regional campus, Northeastern University–Charlotte  sits in the middle of the historic city full of opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.


Northeastern University – Seattle sits in the center of tech innovation and discovery while Seattle offers many opportunities for personal growth and discovery.


As Northeastern’s first international satellite campus, Northeastern University–Toronto offers opportunities to connect with other cultures and yourself.

San Francisco

As a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, Northeastern University – San Francisco offers the chance to develop professional skills while being surrounded by a diverse community.

Silicon Valley

Serving as the first of many educational hubs, students will be working directly with companies in the Bay Area and the diverse communities within them as a true examples of experiential learning.