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NU Student Groups

There are several groups on campus. Here are a few social change-oriented ones.

Meets Wednesday at 6:30pm in 18 INV – END7 is dedicated to the goal of ending seven neglected tropical diseases by 2020 through campus advocacy and fundraising.

Meets in multiple locations throughout the week –  Engineers Without Borders aids communities in developing countries by using engineering solutions to address basic human needs, such as the need for potable water – all the while supplying our student members with educational, transformative experiences.

Meets Wednesday at 7pm in the SJRC –  Feminist Student Organization is committed to promoting discussion, debate and action as it relates to feminism and its many intersections in society. While each of our members has their own way of describing what it means to be a feminist, FSO describes feminists as people dedicated to bringing about full equality, particularly in regards to gender and sex.

Meets Monday from 7-8 pm in West Village G GlobeMed partners with Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization in Masaka, Uganda to support water sanitation and hygiene projects.

Meets Monday 8-9pm in 002 East Village – Global Medical Brigades travels abroad during spring break to either Panama, Honduras, or Nicaragua in order to provide medical care, give preventative care talks, and participate in public health initiatives in communities that lack access to adequate care.

Meets Wednesday at 7pm in 106 West Village G  Husky Environmental Action Team consists of students who enjoy engaging in topics and initiatives regarding sustainability, environmental awareness, and climate justice.  With multiple working committees, speakers and events, and various activities, HEAT offers something for everyone who cares about our planet!

Meet Thursday at 6:30pm in the SJRC Not For Sale NU understands that human slavery still exists in the form of human trafficking, the second largest criminal industry in the world. Not For Sale NU is a student-run branch of the international campaign that is dedicated to raising awareness on this modern day slavery.

Meets Thursday at 6pm in 346 Curry NU Pride serves as a social and educational space and strive to empower all members of the LGBTQA+ community to thrive as individuals and to meet other students within the community

Meets Wednesday at 8pm in West Village G 104 Partners In Health Engage Northeastern consists of a network of community organizers—undergraduate students, graduate students, young professionals, returned Peace Corps volunteers, lawyers, engineers, researchers, teachers, and medical professionals—that work together to advance the movement for global health equity.

Meets Tuesday at 7:45pm in 340 Curry – Progressive Student Alliance is dedicated to promoting social and economic justice here at Northeastern University and in our surrounding community, as well as internationally. Through education and direct action, we strive to bring about sustainable and fair change. Proud UNITED STUDENTS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS affiliate.

Meets Wednesday at 6pm in 312 Ell Hall – Slow Food  is a group of socially conscious eaters concerned with the environmental and social impacts of our food system. Weekly meetings are themed potlucks where friends get together and learn some fun food facts. Join us Wednesdays.

Social Enterprise Institute Student Association is dedicated to using business means to create social change that is sustainable. Our mission is to connect students to sustainable businesses in and around Boston and to inform the community about social enterprise.

Meets Tuesday at 7:45 pm in 344 Curry – UNICEF at NEU is part of the UNICEF Campus Initiative is a growing grassroots movement rooted in a belief that college students have a vital role to play in helping the world’s children survive. Learn how UNICEF has saved more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization.

NU Offices and Departments

Here are a few of the many on-campus resources who can help keep you abreast to your social justice ideas and concerns!

Opportunity Scholarships and Outreach Programs at Northeastern University