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Past Events

We are grateful to our partners, past and present, with whom we collaboratively host programs and events.

This is an opportunity to connect with others in the Northeastern community who are also processing their feelings around the staggering onslaught of violence in the USA (Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas) as well as around the world (Medina, Baghdad, Dhaka, and Istanbul).


Sizeism is an often overlooked prejudicial influence in American culture, demonstrated through unwanted judgments of a person’s size. It also includes assumptions about plus-sized individuals – including that they are all funny.

Come to this program to gain awareness and consider what you can do to help break the social norms of accepted size.

This event will be held in partnership with the Center for Student Involvement.

The mission of the Empower Conference is to link communities, ignite social consciousness, and inspire leadership for students of color. This year’s conference will focus on different aspects of identity.

Lunch will be provided.

A student-led discussion to unpack the ideological similarities and tactical differences between Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement.

Come learn more about how access to food can be a matter of social inequality.

Sunday, November 22 at 6-8pm EST in the Curry 4th Floor Suites.



Come here more about how we all have overlapping and intersecting social identities.

Thursday, November 12 at 5:30pm – 6:30pm EST in the SJRC (106 St. Stephen Street).

Learn about U.S.-centrism – what it is, how it affects people, and how it’s tied to larger systems of oppression.

Tuesday, November 10 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm EST in the SJRC (106 St. Stephen Street).

Screening and discussion about Vessel is a new film about the inspiring work of Women on Waves and Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, a fearless seafaring doctor who sailed through loopholes in the international law, providing abortions on the high seas.

A discussion on what is feminism and what that can look like in our society.

A weeklong event promoting increased understanding of social issues facing our world today, It included workshops on food justice, immigrant rights, climate change, just giving, and more.