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Welcome to the virtual home of the Social Justice Resource Center (SJRC) at Northeastern University! We appreciate you visiting our page. The SJRC is a hub of innovative, justice-minded thinking, collaboration and action on campus that aspires to contribute to the common good. That is our mission statement; one we’re proud to uphold. We believe that #SocialJusticeIsForAll.

Our Dignity Statement

The SJRC values Northeastern’s Policy on Equal Opportunity and seeks to be an empowering place for the people who visit it. You will likely encounter individuals whose ideas, beliefs or identities are different from your own. While in the SJRC we always want you to be true to who you are and what you value. Yet, we will also expect you to dig deep and consider how your social positioning informs your worldview and influences your interactions. This sort of critical reflection is important so that you do not inadvertently undermine others’ well-being.

We ask that everyone working, visiting or meeting in the SJRC honor the space by behaving and speaking in ways that respect the inherent human dignity of all.