REV is an exciting Sherman Center and College of Engineering-sponsored mentoring program that seeks to guide engineers through the Northeastern University entrepreneurial ecosystem toward venture creation. By connecting entrepreneurial engineers with Mentorise-relevant engineering alumni, REV envisions a robust entrepreneurial engineer community that is prepared to pursue venture creation with confidence and a high level of skill.

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Our Objectives & Values
REV seeks to establish itself as the wide-funnel entry point for the Entrepreneurial Engineer at any stage in venture creation.  By providing various resources and guidance, REV will:

  • Connect Entrepreneurial Engineers with discipline-specific engineering alumni to facilitate the development of potential solutions and perform early stage testing (both technological and market-based);
  • Educate students to find and evaluate technological needs in a solution-agnostic manner while fostering and strengthening their enthusiasm for technological innovation;
  • Propel student concepts forward into the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, while guiding them through the hurdles of venture creation.

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The Role of REV Teams

Participation in REV is open to all students, recent alumni of less than five years, faculty and staff of the University’s College of Engineering, and, at the approval of the Program Director and Program Manager, to qualified persons in other colleges within the University. As part of the REV program, Teams are encouraged to explore other parts of the University Entrepreneurial Ecosystem while retaining their REV membership. Teams agree to enter into a mentor/mentee relationship with an open mind, and focus their efforts toward professional, academic, personal growth.

Team Relationships with Mentors

Teams will engage with Mentors in an agenda-free, information-sharing relationship for as long as the Team’s needs match the Mentor’s area of expertise, and both parties agree to continue this relationship. Teams will not solicit Mentors for investment or any other roles in their ventures. Mentors, Teams and the Program Director and/or Manager will seek to officially meet within the Sherman Center every four to six weeks, and casually via REV’s designated Collaboration Tool. Meetings may be in person or via internet-based means such as Skype or BlueJeans.

REV Advisory Board

Past REV Ventures

These are only a few of our many past ventures!