January 31th, 2020

As this month comes to an end, join us as learn more about REV, get to know the people around the Sherman Center, talk about Generate and the events happening around campus, Boston and the Sherman Center!

💼 Spring Semester Co-ops 💼

Here is a quick overview of the Sherman Center co-ops
for this spring semester!

Top: Andrew Purdy (left), Steve Flanagan (right)
Bottom: Justin Lin (left), Keith Corso (right)afa22b1a-629c-4587-9edf-d7be1302504c.png
Third year students Justin Lin and Andrew Purdy are working towards making the perfect backpack for commuters. Their goal for the end of their six months is to have a product that’s ready for mass production and the digital assets that they need to support their launch!
Founded by second year student Steve Flanagan, Bountium is a platform to facilitate international supply orders, with an immediate focus on digitizing & automating Letters of Credit. His goal is to cut down time spent on supply orders with data and document processing.View Bountium’s website here.4e35f08e-c528-4881-9de7-6d78ec8cba5d.png
Keith Corso created BusRight with the goal to provide safe and efficient school bus transportation technology to the 500,000 school buses carrying our nation’s most precious cargo, children.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming spotlight of Keith Corso and his progress with BusRight.

✨ A Look Into REV ✨
This week, we’re going to hear from Vidhan Bhaiya!
Vidhan is a Founder at Dr. Brinsley and a fourth year chemical engineer!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
“Antarctica – 100%. I really want to be able to test the limits of the human body”“What is your spirit animal?
“My spirit animal is a cockroach. Cockroaches have outlasted doomsday asteroids and dinosaur extinctions. They can live for six weeks without food and can subsist on grease, hair, or glue. They lack glamour and are ugly and unassuming. You usually don’t see them. They move fast. Living in India, in a country of 1.4 billion people with limited resources, every opportunity had to be fought for. There were always people waiting to steamroll you if you falter and that I believe has toughened me and will help me in the larger scheme of things.”How did you find out about REV and why did you decide to participate with REV?
“As an engineer, when I asked about entrepreneurship, all roads led to the Sherm! That’s where I met Ted and I was sold!”

Check out Northeastern’s piece on Vidhan in the Northeastern News!

What is your background with entrepreneurship and ventures?
“I run Dr. Brinsley – we make performance footwear for people with diabetes. I started this three years back and launched with the help of the Sherman Centre co-op. We are now selling our footwear in 90+ hospitals and clinics.”What do you see in your future beyond Northeastern?
“I plan on returning to India as I see great potential there. After extensively traveling through the country and interacting with businessmen from various fields, I believe the feeling that the next wave is coming there and I want to be there before it arrives.What is your advice for students interested in applying to REV?
“It is definitely worth leaning on the shoulders of giants as engineering prototyping is not easy!”

“I’m truly passionate about solving problems that go beyond the first world and I’m open to connect with anyone who wants to work on such projects or even just talk. Shoot me an email on vidhanbhaiya and we can connect.”

🐾 Humans of the Sherm 🐾

Aya Aragon, Bio-engineering ’22
Aya, a third year student from New York, founded the Sherman Gazette and ShermCast. She is the current build studio engineer for Generate, Northeastern’s student-led product development studio!

“I came into college not really knowing what I wanted to do with my major. Without Generate, I don’t think I’d have any direction in my career path, as it turns out bio-engineering is a really, really broad field of study, and I don’t think I would’ve landed the co-ops I have. I’ve learned so much from my time in Generate and the Sherm, and everyone here has been so kind and helpful to me along the way. It’s a fantastic learning resource and a fantastic community of friends. <3”

“My freshman year, myself and my friend (shout out Lauren Bough!) starred in NU Barkada’s culture show, part of NEU’s Filipino student org. It involved us writing a script, rehearsing for months, and dancing in both traditional and modern hip-hop dances — so just months of stress. At the very end of the show, our characters hugged each other on stage as part of the resolution for the show’s plot. That hug, in front of the 200+ audience members, all of my best friends who came to support, and the entire club that’s been my family since coming to Northeastern, was one of the happiest, most cathartic, and proudest moments of my life. P.S: it’s an annual culture show, called Bahay Kubo. Catch us at Fenway Center on March 14th this year, I’ll be dancing and choreographing!”
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🎙 ShermCast: Season 2 Episode 2 🎙

In the second episode of season 2, we discuss the five biggest ethical issues businesses face today. Check back every two weeks for a new episode. Thank you to all our listeners and everyone who helped produce this podcast!
Click here to listen!

👀 Sherman Center events to keep an eye out 👀 for this month!

Interested in Sherman Center funding and resources to launch your very own venture? Join us for a panel discussion featuring some of our current co-ops, and enjoy Georgetown Cupcakes!
Sign up using this link!
💡What’s going on around Boston, the Sherm, 💡
and Northeastern this week?
Market Research & Hypothesis Testing
February 1st, 2020 12- 2:00 PM | HSC
📍NU Entrepreneurs Club, 012 Hayden Hall
RSVPSWE Product Development Workshop
February 5th, 2020 8 – 9 PM
📍Generate x SWE, 109 Robinson HallBoston:
2020 SPARKTank: Student and Faculty Startup Pitch Competition
February 2nd, 2020 8:30 AM – 3 PM
📍Brandeis University – Heller School
415 South Street, 02453 Waltham
Fee: Free (reserve spot here)

Entrepreneurship Mixer: Sizzle in your Communication
February 8th, 2020 10:30 AM – 12 PM
📍Staples Boston
1 Washington Mall, 02108 Boston
Fee: Free (register here)

The Sherm:
Team Leadership Step-by-Step
Every Friday @ 1:00 PM
📍Sherman Conference Room, 008C Hayden HallVenture Coaching: Product/Market Consulting
February 3rd, 2020 3:30 PM
📍Sherman Conference Room, 008C Hayden Hall
Appointment Only! Contact e.buff to reserve your spot.Venture Coaching: Product Development
February 4th & 7th, 2020 12:00 PM
📍Sherman Maker Space, 010 Hayden Hall
Appointment Only! Contact j.hutchins to reserve your spot.

Poll Update:
Last week’s readers voted 3D Printing as their favorite workshop!
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📚 What are we reading this week? 📚

Take a look at our featured book of the week and feel free to get in on the book sharing action at our “take-one-leave-one” library in the Sherman Center space!


Inspired: How to Create Products Costumers Love by Marty Cagan!

“Why do some products make the leap to greatness while others do not?”
Inspired is the perfect book for any entrepreneur or student interested in answering this question and creating their own startup. This book outlines the team you will want in the designing and building your product, the process one will go through while building their product, and three important lessons Cagan learned from Apple.

Available right in the Sherman Center lending library!

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