February 7th, 2020

Happy Black History Month! Get inspired this week with the journey of a current Northeastern student who made a dream a reality at 12 years old! Get to know the people around the Sherman Center, learn more about BusRight, and the keep up with events happening around campus, Boston and the Sherman Center!

💼 Spring Semester Co-ops 💼

The co-op spotlight of the week is BusRight!
Keith Corso, Finance ’21, is the CEO and Founder of BusRight.

BusRight is a company driven to bring safety and efficiency into the school transit system.

Their team built a transportation technology platform for tracking and real-time reporting of School Bus locations and ridership, along with providing multi-channel communications between all committed stakeholders.

Keith was originally a Generate client and his startup was an NU founded venture (this is it’s third year)!

How has the Sherman Center impacted you?
“For me, the Sherman Center has been a place where highly motivated and friendly people work, play, and share learnings with each other.”

How did you come up with BusRight?
“It was driving home from high school and being stuck behind a school bus that made four stops and not one student got off. I quickly realized how inefficient our largest mass transit system was and thought we could do something about it.”What do you plan to achieve during your 6 months in this co-op?
“I hope to secure paying customers and build out a sales team.”

What obstacles have you overcome during your co-op this far?
“My biggest challenge so far has been managing stakeholder interests and a remote team.”

What are your next steps after you finish your co-op this spring?
“I will continue to work with our customers and further build out the team.”

Any advice for those pursuing co-ops?
“Figure out what gives you energy and pursue it!”

Journey of a Young Entrepreneur
This week we’re going to hear from Madison Rifkin, Entrepreneurship ’21.
Madi is the CEO and Founder of Mount Locks and a member of REV, a mentoring program within the Sherman Center.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
“I have always wanted to travel to the Maldives. I have seen countless Instagram posts about this destination with the bungalows on stilts in the water and it makes the Maldives look like a magical place. I need to experience it for myself also hopefully becoming a travel blogger in the process. “How did you find out about REV?
“I was a Generate client in 2018 and then took on the Sherman center minor. I learned about REV through these programs. It was Ted who told me about REV’s resources and he was able to connect me with various mentors.”

How did you start Mount Locks?
“I started my venture, Mount Locks, when I was 12. I entered into an invention competition with the idea of building a lock that was built into the bike. I ended up winning a fully funded patent which was granted to me when I was 15. When I got to Northeastern, I wanted to be involved in the startup world anyway I could. I got involved in idea and got to work on making my bike lock a reality. I have been working for 3 years on this venture which is now a smart lock for the micromobility market. Instead of a lock company, we have positioned ourselves as an intermediary between city governments and scooter companies. We provide the regulation with the locks and in turn become the sole operator of that city/university. ”

Mount Lock is currently working with a European-based scooter company to conduct a pilot test. This is planned to happen in early 2020.

What is Mount Locks mission?
“Mount is a micromobility company addressing the problem of city clutter and city regulations. Mount developed a smart locking solution that encompasses hardware, electronics, and a SAAS platform to regulate and facilitate micromobility. Myself, a team of 3 Northeastern students, and one Cal Poly student have been working on Mount for the past 3 years bringing a lock to market. We’ve been a Generate client twice, are a Go stage venture in IDEA and are now ready to bring our product to market. We worked with 9 different scooter companies to get feedback on our lock who we are now transitioning to becoming customers. We plan to go to market with a few pilot programs this summer.”Who are you partnering with?
“We are in the process of partnering with major scooter companies like Lime, Uber and Razor. We are also partnering with real estate firms like Grey Star.”

What is your advice for students interested in applying to REV?
“The sense of community in the Sherman Center is amazing and very welcoming. Don’t be afraid to get involved.”

Madi is proof that there is no age restriction for being an entreprueneur!

Learn more about REV and how to get involved here!

Interested in joining REV?
Apply to be a REV team
Apply to be a REV mentor!

🐾 Humans of the Sherm 🐾

Kendall Meenan, Computer Engineering ’21
Kendall is from Bethel, CT. She is currently working with Izzy Stepanek to produce the our podcast, “The ShermCast”, biweekly. Check out last weeks episode further down.

“I am constantly inspired by Maddy Leger. She has been such a strong role model for me for the past two years. When I first met her, she was the Executive Director of Generate and she led the organization with such passion and grace. Everything she does, she absolutely crushes!”

Maddy Leger (seen above) graduated in 2018 and is now the program manager atMicrosoft Mobile Dev Tools.

“I joined the Sherman Center Work Study team the first semester of my sophomore year and it changed my entire Northeastern experience. Through the Sherman Center, I have gained a strong support network of mentors and peers. The Sherman Center community has provided me with countless opportunities to grow as a leader and an engineer. Also, I have had the pleasure of working with Ted Johnson who is my mentor, cheerleader, and confidante. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this wonderful center two years ago. Also during my second year, I joined a sorority at Northeastern. I am an active sister in Sigma Sigma Sigma which is an incredible support network. My sisters empower me and give me confidence to reach my goals. Additionally, it is a wonderful reprieve from the male dominated field of engineering. Being a member of a group of women who constantly lift each other up has had a huge impact on my Northeastern experience.”
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🎙 ShermCast: Season 2 Episode 2 🎙

Hey Shermits, check out last weeks episode and get ethical with Eliot, Megan, Anthony, Kendall and Izzy! We discuss the five biggest ethical issues businesses face today. Thank you to all our listeners and everyone who helped produce this podcast!
Click here to listen!

👀 Sherman Center events to keep an eye out 👀 for this month!

💡What’s going on around Boston, the Sherm, 💡
and Northeastern this week?
Startup Strategy & Positioning
February 8th, 2020 12- 2:00 PM | HSC
📍NU Entrepreneurs Club, 012 Hayden Hall
RSVPAround Northeastern:
IDEA Conference 2020: Embrace Your Impact
February 15th, 2020 9 AM – 5 PM | IDEA
📍Questrom School of Business, BU
595 Commonwealth Ave, 02215 Boston
Fee: $15 – $20 (register here)

Cleantech Startups
February 10th, 2020 5:30 – 9 PM
📍Foley Hoag LLP
155 Seaport Blvd # 1600, 02110 Boston
Fee: $5 – $30 (register here)

Entrepreneurship Mixer: Sizzle in your Communication
February 8th, 2020 10:30 AM – 12 PM
📍Staples Boston
1 Washington Mall, 02108 Boston
Fee: Free (register here)

Roxbury Pitch Night
February 11th, 2020 5 – 8:30 PM
📍Roxbury Innovation Center
2300 Washington St, 02119 Boston
Fee: Free (register here)

The Sherm:
Team Leadership Step-by-Step
Every Friday @ 1:00 PM
📍Sherman Conference Room, 008C Hayden HallVenture Coaching: Product/Market Consulting
February 10th, 2020 3:30 PM
📍Sherman Conference Room, 008C Hayden Hall
Appointment Only! Contact e.buff to reserve your spot.

Venture Coaching: Product Development
February 14th, 2020 12:00 PM
📍Sherman Maker Space, 010 Hayden Hall
Appointment Only! Contact j.hutchins to reserve your spot.

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Last week’s readers voted Caramel deLites as their favorite Girl Scout Cookie!

Girl Scouts Cookies will be available in Ruggles Station on 2/7 and 2/12
from 4 – 6:30 PM.

📚 What are we reading this week? 📚
Kicking off Black History Month, this week’s featured read is the article “3 Ways to Support Minority-Owned Businesses” by Gregg Bishop, a commissioner of the New York City Department of Small Business Services.c0fe0086-038e-4c79-983d-ebd366676b1c.jpeg
3 Ways to Support Minority-Owned Businesses!
“Minority business owners are the lifeblood of American society.”
As entrepreneurs, we are focused on building are own businesses. However, it’s important to support our fellow entrepreneurs in their businesses. Supporting minority businesses will not only help boost the economy, put help provide more jobs for minorities. In this article, Bishop gives us three different actions we can take to help support minority businesses. Taking supportive action is important as there is a huge imbalance of employment rates based on ethnicity in America today.

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