Entrepreneurial Engineering Minor

The Entrepreneurial Engineering Minor is designed for the technology-minded entrepreneur who seeks to understand disciplinary fundamentals, assess market needs, create technologies, and determine how to manufacture solutions sustainably and economically.  The course requirements for the minor are designed to incorporate both engineering elements (product development and prototyping) and creative elements (product design), along with market and societal considerations (customer discovery and needs assessment).  The elective option provides an opportunity to specialize in one of three areas: manufacturing, design, or venture creation.  Versions of this minor are available for both engineering and non-engineering majors.

Requirements for Undergraduates in the College of Engineering

• Four (4) Core Entrepreneurial Engineering Courses, and one (1) Elective

Requirements for Non-Engineering Undergraduates

• One (1) Engineering Design Foundational Course (GE1110, Engineering Design)
• Three (3) Core Entrepreneurial Engineering Courses, and one (1) Elective

Core Courses


Elective Courses

Venture Creation

ENTR2303:           Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling

ENTR3305:           Business Modeling for Entrepreneurs

ENTR3306:           Global Entrepreneurship

ENTR3319:           Innovation Workshop

ENTR3330:           Lean Design and Development for Entrepreneurs

ENTR4501:           Business Planning for Technology Ventures

ENTR4510:           New Venture Laboratory Abroad

Elective Courses


ARCH1450:           Understanding Design

ARTE3901:           Art Design and Special Topics

ARTF1122:           2D Fundamentals: Surface and Drawing

ARTF1123:           2D Tools

ARTF1124:           3D Fundamentals: Structure and Drawing

ARTF1125:           3D Tools

ARTG1250:           Design Process: Context and Systems

ARTG3462:           Experience Design 1

ARTG3463:           Experience Design 2

Elective Courses


IE2310:           Introduction to Industrial Engineering

IE4512:           Engineering Economy

IE4525:           Logistics and Supply Chain Management

IE4530:           Manufacturing Systems and Techniques

IE4600:           Systems Design for Sustainability

Additional Information

Note that deviations from the tracks described above will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Sign Up for the Minor by contacting your academic advisor.

Questions should be directed to Prof. Andrew Gouldstone, A.Gouldstone@northeastern.edu, 617.373.4017