COVID-19 Response

The Sherman Center is commited to creating a safe environment to continue our mission of promoting student entrepreneurism.

COVID & Our Community

Sherman Center Director and Professor Andrew Gouldstone coined the philosophy behind our Fall 2020 COVID-19 repsonse; in his words, our center will be 'Online AWESOME!'

  • Safe, responsibly use of space: We will all be as careful, considerate and respectful as possible of university and Sherman policy when using our spaces. Deliberately unsafe behavior, encouragement of unsafe behavior, or even peer pressure on colleagues or teammates to interact in ways they feel unsafe is unacceptable. Materials and cleaning supplies will be provided and used by all. Read more in our Fall 2020 COVID-19 Space Safety Plan.
  • Responsiveness: faculty, staff and student leaders will be extra responsive to ensure our community feels cared for and connected;
  • Professional, quality content: all program content will be as professional as possible, be produced by top-quality means, and participants will be provided the same level of development as they would in-person;
  • Resource Availability: do you need equipment or resources to progress your Sherman goals? Let us know, and we’ll do what we can to get you access or send it to you.

Helpful NU COVID Quick-Links