Do You Have a Great Idea?

Sherman Center
Entrepreneurial Co-op

The Sherman Center Co-op provides entrepreneurial engineers the opportunity to focus solely on their own ventures for a six month co-op period, and are financially supported via alumni philanthropy during this time. The program challenges students to push their ventures forward by defining and working towards monthly goals, and leveraging all aspects of the Sherman Center.


  • Develop milestones to be accomplished at the end of each month.
  • Be at the Sherman Center during daytime business hours, 9:00AM-5:00PM.
  • Submit a 1-page report at the end of each week detailing progress on milestones.
  • Give a formal presentation on progress toward milestones at the end of each month.


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Hear From Past And Present Co-ops!

Nader Yacaman Juha

CEO & Founder of IC Health

''The co-op at the Sherman Center has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I have had. It involves so much effort but at the same time it enables you to learn more from different disciplines as compared to a regular co-op. It is definitely something that people who are looking to develop entrepreneurial skills.It has certainly has been beneficial to put into practice all of my knowledge as I take the classroom with me in a personal project. I have also gained confidence as it represents an opportunity to do something completely independent. It is something unique since you are not told what to do as in other co-ops or as in classes. It has allowed me to dedicate all my efforts to IC Health and see substantial progress.''

Yoshua Rozen

CEO & Founder of DelivaPart

''The Sherman Center Co-op has been a very unique experience to my college career. It has allowed me to develop myself further as a leader and as an entrepreneur. Throughout these few months I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship and have immersed myself in the entrepreneurial world within the Boston area. Furthermore it has helped me develop skills such as sales pitching, marketing, and project management among others, that I have to use on a daily basis while working on my startup. The supportive staff, advisers and the whole Sherman center community make this experience truly remarkable. It doesn't matter where you go next in life, the things that you learn while in coop are applicable in any industry, job or field.''

Tuan Ho

CEO & Co-Founder of ScholarJet

''The Sherman Center co-op has undoubtedly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and ScholarJet. It gave me a chance to fully experience what it feels like to be a full time entrepreneur. I got a chance to focus on my startup 24/7 and was able to build connections which I wouldn't have been been able to make working on my venture part time. This experience helped push ScholarJet to have the first-ever action-based scholarship event.''

Abbey Titcomb

CEO & Founder of Knightly

''The Sherman Center Co-op has been a critical component of my venture’s development. Not only did it give me the financial means to work full-time on my venture for six months, but it gave me the opportunity to fully experience the life of a founder without imposing on my educational requirements. During my co-op not only did I make exponential process on Knightly, but I established myself as a part of the Boston entrepreneur network. This allowed me to develop a strong foundation to build off when I graduate. This experience has allowed me to grow the confidence needed to venture onto the entrepreneurship path. Because I was given the opportunity to experience what it is to run a startup, I feel more prepared and informed for what it’s going to take to start my own business.''

Welcome our co-ops for fall 2018!

Katie Wilhoit, on her venture "Unsize"

“We all get dressed every day and what we wear tells a piece of the story of who we are. I’m a 5’4 lady who feels the most confident in men-styled shirts but has a hard time finding what fits online. The problem of navigating clothing online sparked Unsize. Unsize believes size labels don’t fit and personalizes an experience where you can find what makes you feel good online without thinking about size or worrying about vanity.”

Juan Dasso, on his venture "SuperWall"

“I was born in Bogota, Colombia and have also lived in Lima, Peru were my venture idea came about.  My venture concept is to provide Emergency (Temporary) Homes made out of a special material called SuperWall.  This Venture started off when I realized the immense positive effect low-income housing had on impoverished communities.  I realized that not only were these homes improving the lives of the families receiving the home but also the economic growth and development of the certain communities.  From this Low-Income housing market my idea of proving Emergency “temporary” Homes came about.  Peru suffered a natural disaster about a year ago that led to hundreds of thousands of families with out homes. At this point I realized that instead of these families receiving wooden or plastic homes that are not durable and are a health issue why don’t I provide them with my SuperWall panel homes. (SuperWall is a structural compound made of fiber-cement boards combined through a structural cellulose and special glue that makes it rigid and durable.)”

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