Symposium XI-E:

Mechanics of Hierarchical and Multifunctional Materials

**This symposium is cross-listed with Track VI: Mechanics of hierarchical and multifunctional materials – from nano to macro

Symposium Organizers:

X. Feng, Tsinghua University, China
H. Duan, Peking University, China
X. Wei, Peking University, China
P. Sharma, University of Houston, US
L. Liu, Rutgers University, US


Symposium Description:

This symposium addresses recent advances in study of fundamental mechanics related to hierarchical and multifunctional materials’ design, synthesis, experimental characterization, theory, modeling and computations. Relevant topics:

  • Mechanics of bioinspired hierarchical materials, and multifunctional materials
  • Design and synthesis of hierarchical materials that possess interesting mechanical properties; or multifunctional materials that have potential applications in energy storage, sensors, etc.
  • Theory, simulation, and modeling of hierarchical and multifunctional materials
  • Multiscale experimentation design and characterization of constitutive laws or failure criteria of hierarchical and multifunctional materials