Symposium XI-D:

Dynamics of Solids and Structures

**This symposium is cross-listed with Track III: Impact and High Strain Rate Deformation

Symposium Organizers:

W. Chen, Zhejiang University, China
Y. S. Wang, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Q. Ding, Tianjin University, China
J. Qi, Georgia Institute of Technology, US


Symposium Description:

This symposium is focused on impact, vibration and wave propagation in solids and structures. It is to provide a platform for experienced scientists, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students with backgrounds of different scientific disciplines to discuss recent advances in this area. Particular attention is paid to dynamic responses of advanced functional materials (e.g. functionally graded materials, soft electroactive materials, shape memory polymers) and new-type structures (e.g. periodic structures with or without local resonance units, sandwich plates with a lattice core, Origami structures, flexible electronic devices). Optimization and control of dynamic responses are also an important concern. Of exceptional interest are exotic dynamic behaviors that enable the design of new devices in diverse applications ranging from acoustic filters and resonators, noise isolation, and wave guides to superlenses and acoustic diodes. All scientific subjects regarding linear and nonlinear problems highlighting experimental, theoretical and computational aspects are welcome. Relevant topics:

  • New developments and interdisciplinary aspects of impact and shock waves
  • Vibration and wave propagation in soft materials, elastography and micro-/nano-structures
  • Time crystals, Phononic crystals, metamaterials and functional materials and structures with multi-field coupling effects.
  • Stochastic, non-smooth dynamics and control, fault diagnosis
  • Complex networks and neural dynamics