Symposium XI-A:

Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures

**This symposium is cross-listed with Track VII: Mechanics of Soft and Biological Materials and Flexible Structures

Symposium Organizers:

S. Qu, Zhejiang University, China
Y. Zhu, North Carolina State University, US


Symposium Description:

Soft materials such as elastomers, gels, shape-memory polymers, etc., can deform largely when subjected to various stimuli, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, magnetic, or thermal loadings, leading to novel functions in soft structures made of soft materials. This symposium is aiming at exchanging and discussing the current theoretical, experimental and computational advances in mechanics of soft materials and structures, as well as various applications. Relevant topics:

  • Constitutive relations of soft materials
  • Computational methods for soft materials
  • 3D/4D printing and fabrication of soft materials and structures
  • Failure of soft materials and structures
  • Multiphysics phenomena in Soft Materials