Symposium X-C:

Ocean Modelling of Mixing and Transport

Symposium Organizers:

M. Allshouse, Northeastern University
P. Lermusiaux, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Symposium Description:

The growing demand to understand fluid transport in the ocean requires the improvement of ocean modeling and the application of new analytic tools.  As computational resources increase and methods become more efficient, it becomes realistic to accurately simulate ocean currents at the sub-mesoscale where human operations often take place. It is also possible to utilize efficient sampling strategies to collect the most informative observations with a range of novel autonomous platforms and sensors. Analysis tools such as Lagrangian coherent structures and uncertainty quantification can then be applied to highly accurate, data verified simulations to highlight the dominant transport features within the region in real time.  The pairing of these fields has the capacity to address multiple challenges ranging from pollution cleanup and fisheries management to more accurate turbulence, climate and ecosystem parameterizations.  This symposium aims to bring together ocean modelers and uncertainty quantification experts with ocean transport researchers and developers of Lagrangian methods.