Symposium X-B:

Physiological Fluid Mechanics

Symposium Organizers:

J. Oakes, Northeastern University
A. Karimi, Northeastern University
M. Allshouse, Northeastern University

Symposium Description:

The discipline of biofluid dynamics characterizes the mechanisms of biological flows and their interplay with medical processes. Quantifying and predicting this flow phenomenon has immense potential to improve human health, including improved diagnostic tests, optimization of therapeutic delivery, and planning of surgical procedures. Due to the complications associated with in vivo examination of fluid dynamics, recent attention has focused on a myriad of in vitro laboratory techniques and computational platforms, enabling insight into the complex behavior of physiological flows (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, and synovial flows) and their impact on human health. This symposium aims to showcase the latest advancements in experimental and numerical methods developed at the intersection of fluid mechanics and physiology, including incorporation of clinically-obtained data into state-of-the-art frameworks, multi-scale models, uncertainty analyses, optimization, and transport processes. We plan sessions organized around the following themes:

  • Cardiovascular flows
  • Respiratory flows
  • Other (reproductive, lympomic, orthopedic)