Symposium X-A:

Biological and Bio-inspired Fluid Mechanics

Symposium Organizers:

H. Masoud, Michigan Technological University
A. Ardekani, Purdue University
H. Fu, University of Utah

Symposium Description:

A myriad of biological systems and processes take advantage of the mechanics of fluids to fulfill their functions. Man-made systems inspired by these systems strive to do the same in order to accomplish similar functionalities. This highlights the importance of the role that fluid dynamics plays in understanding the function of biological systems and in how to derive inspiration from them. This symposium aims to bring together engineers, mathematicians, and (bio) physicists to discuss recent theoretical, computational, and experimental studies related to biological and bio-inspired fluid mechanics. We plan sessions organized around the following themes:

  • Cells and microlocomotion
  • Flying and swimming
  • General