Symposium VIII-C:

Sliding Instabilities

Symposium Organizers:

G. Adams, Northeastern University
J. Barber, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor


Symposium Description:

Instabilities in sliding can occur in a variety of systems. Friction-induced vibration in braking systems manifest as brake squeal or as brake chatter. The squeaky door or squeaky chalk are often witnessed in daily life. The violin is an example which produces a pleasant sound emitted as a consequence of a friction-induced vibration. On another much larger scale when tectonic plates slide against one another in an earthquake, unstable waves can be generated which travel along the sliding interface. Thermoelastic instabilities can also occur in sliding systems, such as brakes, leadings to the formation of hot spots. The aim of this symposium is to bring researchers in a variety of areas of sliding instabilities together to gain insight from differing points-of-view as well as to anticipate future needs.