Symposium VII-E:

Multi-scale Mechanics of Bioinspired Materials


Symposium Organizers:

N. Rahbar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
A. Amirkhizi, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Y. Li, University of New Hampshire
L. Li, Virginia Tech University
L. Wang, Stony Brook University
F. Barthelat, McGill University

Symposium Description:

This symposium attempts to provide a forum that brings together mechanicians, experimentalists and materials researchers who investigate the mechanical behavior and biophysics of soft, biological materials with particular focus on the effect of the hierarchical structure on the physical response and the transition of unique phenomena across scales. The dual aim of such research endeavor is to understand the novel mechanics of such materials and to stipulate designs toward effective biomimicry and bioinspiration. The role of molecular and atomic scale behavior and interactions in such systems will be of great interest in the context of mechanical response of the biological or bio-inspired materials, as well as computational methods for transition of scales from atomistic calculations to continuum response through coarse grained modeling and other techniques.