Symposium VI-A:

Dermal and Dermal Inspired Systems

**This Symposium is cross-listed with Track VII: Mechanics of Soft and Biological Materials and flexible Structures

Symposium Organizing:

R. Ghosh, University of Central Florida
A. Dickerson, University of Central Florida
A. Kumar, University of Alberta
A. Vaziri (TRACK ORGANIZER), Northeastern University


Symposium Description:

Dermal systems and their comprising structures are organisms’ first line of defense, sensing and interaction with its environment. Such structures have been refined to perform multiple functions simultaneously, namely as protection, signaling, insulation, and identification, which must be performed while supporting an organisms’ survival, locomotive strategies and life processes. Nature provides nearly countless examples of successful dermal systems such as exterior of plants, fur and scales. Such diversity and multi- functionality often hides complex and fascinating mechanisms of action. Fostering understanding of the mechanics behind these systems, including the sources of nonlinearity brought about from large deformations, strains, appendage interactions, fluid-structure effects and other multi-physics, will elucidate their effectiveness as multifunctional organs. Such insights are vital for characterizing the physics of living systems and to the progression of engineering systems in demanding conditions.

This versatility of mechanics and multiple functions of these structures are also a source of bio-inspired mechanical systems which aim to build upon both the morphology as well as their basic physical underpinnings to herald metamaterials, anti-fouling surfaces, protective structures, composite materials, robotic applications and deployable structures. This mini-symposium solicits contributions in fields relevant to dermal and dermally inspired system, their mechanics and physics, including computational, experimental, or application-driven studies.