Symposium V-C:

Mechanics of Low-dimensional Materials and Related Nanoscale Architectures

Symposium Organizers:

H. Park, Boston University
Y. Zhu, North Carolina State University


Symposium Description:

Recent advancements in the synthesis, in-situ characterization and computational techniques offer unprecendented insight into the mechanics of nanoscale materials. This symposium will bring together research community focused on mechanical response of 0D and 1D nanoscale materials and their architectures using a combination of novel experimental techniques, and state-of-the-art computations, including multi-scale methods. Topics include:

  • Mechanical robustness and response of 0D nanostructures including quantum dots, nanoparticles and their aggregates
  • Mechanics of 1D nanomaterials, including quantum wires, nanowires and nanotubes
  • Mechanics of random and aligned assemblies of nanowires, including fibers
  • Interplay between morphology and mechanics of these nanostructures
  • Defects in nanocrystalline materials
  • Multi-scale characterization and modeling of 0D and 1D nanostructures