Symposium V-B:

Sub-Continuum Scale Mechanics of 2-D Materials: Experiments and Modeling

Symposium Organizers:

M. Upmanyu, Northeastern University
C. Basaran, University of Buffalo, SUNY


Symposium Description:

2D crystalline materials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides and their nanoscale architectures have shown significant promise as future electronic materials for next generation nanoelectronics and multifunctional applications. Mechanical behavior of these materials modifies the structure-property relations in these crystals. Classical continuum mechanics frameworks are often inapplicable for predicting the response of these atomically thin materials, and there continues to be a need for sub-continuum scale experiments and simulation techniques. This symposium will focus on experiments and modeling from atoms and up to understand the mechanics in these system. Topics include:

  • Suspended and supported 2D crystals
  • Interplay between mechanics and multifunctional properties in 2D crystals
  • Grain level microstructure, point and extended defects, and their effect on mechanics and related multifunctional properties
  • Experimental characterization and mechanics at nanoscale, and combinations thereof
  • Quantum and classical modeling of atomic-scale behavior of these system (first principles, MD, Monte-Carlo techniques)
  • Quantitative validation between experiments and modeling