Symposium V-A:

Mechanically-Coupled Physico-Chemical and Transport Phenomena in Nanomaterials

Symposium Organizers:

M. T. Pettes, University of Connecticut
Y. J. Jung, Northeastern University


Symposium Description:

Engineering mechanical and functional properties in nanomaterials is enhanced by their ability to absorb elastic strains on the order of several percent without dissipation via plasticity or related inelastic relaxation mechanisms. This topic will focus on aspects pertaining to the role of mechanics in the control of physico-chemical properties such as electronic band gap, carrier mobility, piezoelectric effects, catalytic activity, thermal, and thermoelectric properties of materials. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Computational and theoretical approaches to model/predict strain-coupled behavior
  • Strain-coupled transport properties in one- and two-dimensional materials
  • Development of new computational and experimental methodologies
  • Device-level strain-performance relationships
  • Nanoscale architectures and┬áheterostructures for controlling mechanically coupled physico-chemical properties
  • Scalable manufacturing approaches for strain engineered applications