Symposium IX-C:

3D Bioprinting and Advanced Bioinks


Symposium Organizers:

L. G. Zhang, The George Washington University
T. J. Webster, Northeastern University


Symposium Description:

This symposium aims to bring together experts across the range of engineering science disciplines to discuss the state-of-the-art in development of 3D bioprinting techniques and advanced bioinks. As an emerging 3D tissue/organ manufacturing technique, 3D bioprinting offers great precision and control of the internal architecture and outer shape of a scaffold, allowing for close recapitulation of complicated structures found in biological tissue. It has begun to show great promise in various biomedical applications. The symposium will highlight challenges spanning from design of innovative printing systems and printable biomaterials, to fabrication, and to implantation. Computational and analytical challenges will be a special focus. Topics will include:

  • 3D printer design
  • Design and applications of advanced printable biomaterials
  • 3D bioprinting for tissue and organ regeneration
  • Simulation of 3D printed constructs for biomedical applications
  • 3D printed tissue and organ models
  • 3D printing for health