Symposium I-B:

Continuum Plasticity, Damage, and Failure


Symposium Organizers:

B. T. Lester, Sandia National Laboratories
E. Corona, Sandia National Laboratories
W. M. Scherzinger, Sandia National Laboratories
H. E. Fang, Sandia National Laboratories

Symposium Description:

In many applications of interest, ductile failure at the macroscopic, engineering scale continues to be a driving concern in design.  As recent work has shown, the accurate analysis and prediction of fracture at this scale requires the correct combination of plasticity, damage, and/or failure models to capture the whole of the inelastic deformation regime, which sometimes is affected by loading rate and temperature.

As such, this symposium seeks to present an active forum for discussion of advances regarding continuum plasticity, damage, failure, and their intersection.  Efforts spanning theoretical, experimental, and application are all of interest.  Specifically, topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Constitutive theories;
  • Damage and fracture modeling;
  • Anisotropy;
  • Numerical implementations;
  • Experimental characterization, model calibration, and structural failure.