By Ritika Kumbharkar

The B Corp Enviro-Stewards, based in Canada, takes pride in energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable development. Enviro-Stewards has gotten an award as a B Lab 2014 Best for the World Overall Honoree. They have done quite a bit of commendable work where every sector has benefited such as community, environment, workers, and customers.

It works with industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities where they use simulations to increase the sales, but at the same time they help these facilities reduce their environmental footprints and improve the social conditions around them.

Some of the services that Enviro-Stewards provides are: Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas reduction planning, Eco-Efficiency, Water Conservation and Toxic Use Reduction, Pollution Prevention and Treatment Process Design, and Production Design for Sustainability. They not only provide services for facilities to clean up and reduce their pre-existing footprint, but also help those who are just beginning to green their facilities.

Enviro-Stewards became a Certified B Corp after an author, Bob Willard, believed so strongly that this company fit the criteria to be a B Corp that he himself paid the fee for them to become certified. There are many cases that can be found on the website of Enviro-Stewards, which show how they have helped in countries all over the world ranging from developed to developing countries.

Some of the specific cases that Enviro-Stewards has dealt with in the past range from the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, petroleum, mining, textile, healthcare, and food industries. One that stood out, which was a personal favorite was how Enviro-Stewards worked with the United Space Alliance.

The United Space Alliance (USA) uses a robotic water cleaning device, which uses about pressured water to remove insulation and ablative coating from space shuttle rocket boosters. So USA came to Enviro-Stewards to reassess their water recycling system and asked for corrective measures to improve the performance. Prior to this, Enviro-Stewards has worked with the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to correct the water and chemical conservation in the Thrust Vector Control clean room and cooling water systems.

They provide all possible ways for a facility to be clean environmentally from the beginning as well as when the facility is already fully functional. On their website you can find other interesting studies, such as water conservation in Uganda. This shows that they are not just a firm that is fixing the developed world alone. It is key to always be innovating for developing countries and making pre-existing firms in developed countries to be sustainable.  It is important that today there are platforms and businesses such as these to make sure those facilities are given the full opportunity to improve their business plan to be sustainable and good for society.