What does Facebook know about you?


Yesterday we talked about the dangers of sharing too much information online and how that could lead to identity theft. Today we will look at the information Facebook knows about us and what is available to advertisers and the world through Facebook Graph Search.

The website daylandoes.com preformed an analysis of the different types of data collected and stored by Facebook.

The first set of data is what you personally provide Facebook about your life:

• Name
• City of birth
• City of residence
• Phone
• Email
• Current employment
• Previous employment
• Relationship
• Anniversary
• Previous relationships
• Previous names (aliases)
• Screen names
• Address book
• Family members
• Birthday
• Religious views
• Plus 33 more categories

Facebook records not just facts but also all the interactions and activities you have done through the website including:

• Videos you’ve watched
• Comments you’ve liked
• Websites you’ve visited
• Articles and websites you’ve commented on
• Surveys you’ve filled out
• Companies you like
• People you’ve been tagged with
• People you frequently hang out with
• Friends you’ve requested
• Friends you denied
• Friends you’ve un-friended
• How often you are online
• Apps you Admin/created
• Pages you admin/created
• Your current mood
• Device you’ve accessed the Internet from
• Exact Geo-location (longitude, altitude, latitude, time/date stamp)
• Plus 18 more user actions

All of this information is available to advertisers and depending on your permissions, everyone through the new Facebook Graph Search tool.

The analysis provides a good look at the dangers surrounding sharing information from identifying local police officers and their families to the creepy, stalking single women in your neighborhood.

Facebook offers some suggestions on how to add privacy to your profile as to limit your exposure through Graph Search: 3 Tips about Search Privacy

Gizmodo has a more in depth guide on how to protect your posts and information: How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Now That Graph Search Is Here

Learn what Facebook knows about you and take a second look at your profile. You may find information online that you do not want shared with the world.

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