Video – Identity Theft in Real Life

Sharing too much information online or over the phone can be dangerous. Just how dangerous is demonstrated in this video from the Belgian Financial Sector safe banking website (English Link)

The story starts with a devious bank representative finding a target: Tom. Using Facebook the representative gains access to all aspects of Tom’s life including home address, email, and girlfriend. The representative sends Tom a phishing email using information found on Facebook that tricks him into handing over all access to his financial accounts. The representative physically assumes Tom’s identity and purchases an expensive Harp delivered to Tom’s home.

As you will see the plot in this story is a little extreme. Chances are that people will not create a latex mask to actually assume the identity of their victim. But it does raise good points about the dangers of posting too much personal information on the Internet and the need to be cautious of any unsolicited email or phone call from your “bank” asking for login or other information.

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