Twitter Knows Where You Live

If you have you ever tweeted from your home and geolocation services were enabled, the Internet now knows where you live.

We have previously written about a social experiment highlighting embarrassing Facebook posts to emphasize the need for keeping your profile private (or not posting embarrassing things). Now a new website, displays the address for any tweet that reference “at home”.

The privacy and personal security implications are obvious. When the Internet knows where you live it makes stalking and harassing you that much easier.

To prevent the Internet from knowing where you live there are several things you can do:

  1. Do not tweet from your home
  2. Turn off geolocation on your phone when you tweet from your home.

On the mobile twitter screen there is a teardrop icon on the lower right of the post window. If the feature is turned on the icon will be enabled.

More Information:

Sophos Naked Security: Twitter + Location = WeKnowYourHouse


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